Strategy & Focus

Finding Undervalued Businesses

  • Persephone’s partners have backgrounds in restructuring and investing, where they have proven capability at identifying, preserving and creating value in businesses undergoing transition or with values masked by discontinuities
  • Transition can mask value due to:
    • Financial stress
    • Strategic shifts among competitors, customers and suppliers
    • Disruptive new technology
    • Strategic misdirection
    • Government regulation
  • Persephone’s partners have found that companies in transition not only have masked value, but may also have hidden potential for value-added strategic transformation
  • As a result, Persephone is seeking control positions in businesses that are not simply undervalued, but that also have the potential for radical additional value creation through a transformation that might include: business model re-alignment, strategic alliances, turnarounds, roll-ups, new ventures, or recapitalization